Question: A company is planning an upgrade from vSphere 4.x to vSphere 5. They currently have three dual CPU servers licensed for ESXi 4.1 Advanced Each server has 256GB of RAM installed. Their virtual machines are sized three ways. Light. 1v CPU, 4GB RAM Medium. 2v CPU, 8GB RAM Heavy. 4 vCPU, 12GB RAM The Production workload consists of. 20 Light servers 20 Medium servers 2 Heavy servers The Development workload consists of. 10 Light servers 10 Medium servers How will vSphere 5 licensing impact their upgrade? (Choose two)
A.) They will need to purchase additional ESXi licenses.
B.) They will be able to reduce their power consumption.
C.) They will be restricted from powering on additional virtual machines.
D.) A license upgrade will be needed to add vCPUs to the Heavy servers.

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