Question: ACME Anvil Incorporated has several departments which each have unique resource requirements in their environment: 1. The Manufacturing department has ten production virtual machines. 2. The Development department has two test/dev virtual machines. 3. The Manufacturing virtual machines have only CPU reservations. 4. No Development virtual machine should be able to use more resources than any Manufacturing virtual machine requests. 5. Manufacturing department virtual machines must always be able to power on. Resource Pools will be used to address these requirements. When creating the “Manufacturing” and “Development” pools, which settings should be part of the configuration to meet the stated requirements? (Choose two)
A.) Enable Expandable Reservation on Memory Resources on the Manufacturing pool
B.) Set a reservation for CPU Resources on the Manufacturing resource pool
C.) Create a required Group Rule to ensure Development virtual machines always run on the Development host
D.) Ensure the shares set on the Manufacturing pool are at least five times the shares set on the Development pool

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