Question: Two child resource pools exist for a DRS cluster. The Production resource pool has been configured with a CPU reservation of 20GHz and a memory reservation of 20GB.) The pool has 16 single-processor virtual machines and 4 dualprocessor virtual machines. Each of these virtual machines has a CPU reservation of 1GHz and a memory reservation of 1GB.) The Development resource pool and it’s virtual machines have been configured with no reservations. The pool has 1 single-processor virtual machine and 1 dual-processor virtual machine. CPU Shares are set to 4000 and Memory Shares are set to 163840. The Production team members occasionally complain about the performance of their servers. Which two options could be part of the plan to to resolve the issue while minimizing the amount of resources reserved by the pool? (Choose two)
A.) Increase the amount of CPU resources for the Production virtual machines to the processor speed of the host
B.) Set the CPU Shares of Production to 40000
C.) Double the CPU reservation on the Production virtual machines and pool
D.) Set the Memory Shares of Production to 20480

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