Question: A vSphere 5 implementation consists of a fully automated DRS cluster with two ESXi 5.x hosts with the following vSphere Standard Switch configuration. 1. Switch A.) three vmnics, one port group named sFTP-PG 2. Switch B.) two vmnic, one port group named Web-PG 3. All vmnics are trunked to the same physical switch. DRS has been configured with an anti-affinity rule for all virtual machines in the Web-PG so that no more than half of the virtual machines run on any given host. The virtual machines on WebPG are experiencing significant network latency. The network team has determined that a performance bottleneck is occurring at the ESXi host level. Which solution will require the least amount of administrative work and the least amount of service interruption?
A.) Migrate Web-PG to Switch A and sFTP-PG to Switch B on each host
B.) Move a vmnic from Switch A to Switch B on each host
C.) Convert the three Switch Bs to a single vSphere Distributed Switch
D.) Use vMotion to redistribute some of the VMs in Web-PG to a different ESXi host

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